By proceeding with TeeM8, designers (design partners) agree that the designs they are submitting are not in breach of copyright, and that they have full rights to reproduce the images. The responsibility of complying with copyright laws falls directly with TeeM8’s design partners. All artworks are monitored by TeeM8’s design support team for obvious copyright infringements, and if judged to be potentially in breach of copyright, the campaign will be removed immediately. While TeeM8 will do its best to recognize copyright infringement breaches and remove such campaigns, TeeM8 acts solely as a production and shipping house for our design clients, and is not responsible for any client’s breach of copyright.

Tastefulness & Decency

By proceeding with TeeM8, designers (design partners) agree to only submit designs that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability in our society. TeeM8 reserves the right to cancel immediately any campaign we feel breaches those standards, and suspend for further assessment any campaign we suspect may breach those standards.


Order delivery times

The length of the sales campaigns varies from 3 days to 14 days. Once the campaign is completed, we’ll ship the orders within 5-10 business days after that date. Allow another 2-5 business days for shipping. TeeM8 is not in a position to express orders for special events. The preceding delivery guidelines will be adhered to strictly.


Our Payment Processor is PayPal

To use a Visa or Mastercard, you don’t need to have a PayPal account. Even though we use the PayPal payment gateway, once you get to the PayPal page, there is an option to pay securely with your credit card.


You will get charged at the time you purchase your order. Your payment will only be accepted as complete once the sales target is reached for the sales campaign, and production goes ahead. If the sales campaign does not reach the sales target and the order is not produced, your payment will be refunded through PayPal immediately.


How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped with either Startrack, or Australia Post Registered Mail. Both requiring a signature from the receiver.



Return policy

As all items are produced to order, TeeM8 does not accept returns other than a case where the goods are faulty, or we have shipped incorrect stock. If a size ordered is incorrect, and we are able to exchange an item for our customer, we will, but we do not hold stock, and only make to order.


TeeM8 produces to order. We do not hold stock. If a buyer orders the incorrect size, we do not have replacements to exchange. If we don’t have a suitable replacement, we’ll refund the purchase price less the shipping.

Faulty Stock

TeeM8 offers a full refund if the item is faulty. As our orders are printed to order, we can not guarantee we will have a replacement item in stock of the same design. We will happily replace faulty goods with any items we do have in stock. Read more about our Quality Guarantee.


Profit payment to Design Partners

Profit for campaigns which reach their minimum sales target, and go to production is paid to your nominated account within 5 business days of the goods being shipped.