CV Highlights! 


Where did it all begin?

It all began in a Sydney garage late 1983 after our founder bought a book titled ‘How to print t-shirts for fun & profit’.


The Snowy Ride 2001 – 2016

Now in its 16th year of operation, the Snowy Ride is a motorcycle rally held early November each year to raise funds for the fight against Cancer in Kids with the ultimate goal of 100% Survival for all kids. Our involvement with the team at The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation the organisation behind this initiative began back in 2001. Since then, apart from becoming good friends, our relationship has developed to a point where for the past 10 years we have developed the design concept, sourced all the product, produced it and when required helped sell it. The merchandise produced has been highly successful and its sales provide an important contribution to the magnificent fund raising efforts of the Steven Walter Foundation..

Barmy Army Ashes Tours 1998 – 2017

This is one of the projects we are most proud of. Having met Dave Peacock and Paul Burnham the founders of the Barmy Army in 1998 we quickly struck up a solid business partnership and friendship. We have worked with the Barmy Army for 5 of their tours Downunder spanning 18 years and are now in the planning stages for their sixth tour next year. Our role has included the management of the merchandise sourcing and just in time top up production for the last 5 Australian Ashes tours as well as a lead role in the management & logistics of merchandise sales at all 5 Ashes venues for the 06/07 and 10/11 tours.

The Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour 2006

We supplied the Management & Logistics behind the production, travelling & selling of the merchandise for the Australian and New Zealand legs of the 2006 Rolling Stones Bigger Bang tour. Organizing all of the production of the merchandise, warehousing, distribution, retailing and staff management, sales analysis, and top up production..

Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay

For this project, we supplied the Management & Logistics behind the product development, production, travelling & selling of the merchandise for the 2006 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay Run. On the road for 2 months with a Van and Merchandise trailer, travelling 12,000 kms and setting up in a different town each day, we sold merchandise to communities across Australia.